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John Ashton

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John Ashton graduated from the Royal School of Mines, London in 1975 with an Honours degree in Mining Geology. He undertook PhD research at the University College of Wales Aberystwyth until 1978 into ore geology and wallrock geochemistry of Pb/Zn and Au veins in Wales. After working for Mogul of Ireland Ltd at Silvermines, as mine/senior mine geologist he joined Tara Mines Ltd in 1980, where he is currently Chief Exploration Geologist. Experience and interests include computer graphics and 3D modelling, ore reserve estimation, the genesis of carbonate-hosted Zn/Pb deposits and mineral exploration. John has acted as industrial supervisor for several PhD and MSc research projects at Navan and collaborated with the NERC micro 2 macro project: A3 Multi-scale fluid-flow path analysis: calibration and modeling using mineralization systems. He has involvement as industrial supervisor, facilitator and co-author with a number of research workers on Navan from many Universities (including: Cork, Galway, Trinity College, UCD, Imperial, Melbourne, Colorado School of Mines and Windsor).

Joachim Albrecht

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Danijela Mavrić

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Danijela Mavrić has completed undergraduate and graduate studies at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Also, Zagreb is her hometown in which she currently live. While pursuing Master`s degree in Environmental Geology at the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrology she was doing research in which she was observing adsorption properties of loess deposits. Her mainly focus was chemical and physical properties of clay minerals in soil and loess horizons. She will work as an Early Stage Researcher at Trinity College of Dublin and Boliden Tara Mines. For the next 3 years she will develop vectors for mineral exploration using isotopic signature fingerprinting for metal enrichment in European trees. She is very exicited to be a part of IsoNose research team because it will give her an international and academic experience.