WP 5: New Analytical Tool Development

To become effective industrial tools, isotopic techniques need to be routine, robust and reproducible, sample amounts need to be small, and it should be possible to analyse a diverse array of materials. The aim of this WP is to move forward the frontiers of our analytical capabilities and to develop robust routine applications. These technological advances will be applicable to all of the other WP’s, as they will make it possible to process more samples in less time, with higher precision and accuracy, while using smaller amounts of material with lower analytical blanks. All Early Stage (PhD students) and Experienced Researchers (Postdocs) will contribute to this WP by improving the accuracy and precision of isotope ratio measurements. The workpackage will entail development of new (femtosecond) laser ablation techniques and their cross-referencing against existing laser techniques. Close industry-academia collaboration is central to this WP.


WP Leaders

Claudia BoumanThermo Fisher Scientific Bremen GmbH
Friedhelm von BlanckenburgGFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Further WP Partner

Institut de physique du globe de Paris
University of Southampton
Géosciences environnement Toulouse

Photo: Jan Schüssler

Amplifier of a femtosecond laser.